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The Central Station


In this striped workplace reality we follow some of the 40 security guards at one of the busiest junctions in the Nordics, in what is reported to be one of the most surveillanced areas in northern Europe. With 1,100 robberies every year, 2 heart attacks every month, 2 reported assaults every week and many more not reported, there is enough to do. We tag along with the security guards while they handle everyday life at the railway station, breaking up fights, caring for people who needs medical assistance, giving directions, and walking around the 80.000 square meters large station being visible. We stay at the station for 6 months capturing every event, fight, robbery and tearful goodbye. Combining the footage from VJs with total access to the stations surveillance cameras gives us all the angles, and the ability to tell the entire story. Instead of arriving just as a situation has taken place and having the guards or standbys telling us what happened here, we can rewind the tapes and show the viewer exactly what took place.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual

  • Subgenre: Factual

  • Producers: Rakett

  • Broadcaster: Discovery Networks

  • Duration: 46 x 60'

  • Tags: Station Surveillance Footage

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