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Act of God

Extraordinary tales of triumph over nature’s destructive forces

Act of God is a gripping new series that presents first-hand, heart-pounding survival stories from people caught up in unimaginable events around the world – everything from deadly tornadoes and catastrophic floods to volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. Featuring in-depth detail and captivating footage, each narrated half hour focuses on one specific Act of God: we follow a BBC crew as they attempt to outrun an explosive downfall of hot ash and lava when Mount Etna erupts; we hear from a man who only just escaped from his home during Canada’s costliest forest fire and we travel to Mount Everest, where a 7.9 earthquake sets off a massive avalanche that looks set to engulf climbers. We also find out what happened to a former Olympic athlete who got lost in the Sahara desert for eight days after a sandstorm and was forced to drink his own urine to survive. Act of God captures all the terror, trauma and triumph of these shocking stories and demonstrates how the unexpected and the unthinkable can change lives in an instant.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Nature and Wildlife

  • Subgenre: Factual

  • Producers: Bellum

  • Broadcaster: n/a

  • Duration: 26 x 30'

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