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Veni Vidi Vici


The story of one man's struggle to rectify his situation


Karsten Daugaard (Thomas Bo Larsen), A Pretentious movie director with higher ambitions than he can deliver gets his worst reviews ever. He has to rethink his values and his future with his wife and 16 year old daughter. What is a husbands and fathers responsibility? Persuaded by his family he agrees on taking a job at his father in law's pig far. The depressed Karsten gets a phone call one day from one of his old friends, Vincent now a respected producer in Hollywood. Life is changing, but in the right direction. This 10 episode drama explores the consequences of his decision to take up a job in the adult entertainment industry. Daugaard is played by award-winning actor Thomas Bo Larsen (The Celebration; Follow The Money) He is soon confronted by the industry's darker aspects and forced into a double life that endangers his whole family.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Series

  • Producers: HandsUp Stockholm

  • Broadcaster: MTG TV Sweden

  • Duration: 10 x 35'

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