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A Taste of South Africa

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It’s a case of ‘Meat and Greet’ in this winning combination of fascinating food show and tasty travelogue

Chef Matt Tebbutt is off to South Africa and he’s about to have the food adventure of a lifetime. Discover the country’s delicious diversity as Matt meets and makes meals with farmers, chefs, cooks and an assortment of other enthusiastic eaters and explores regional specialties, heritage recipes and contemporary culture in equal measure. Each episode introduces Matt to an iconic ingredient and explores the role that this foodstuff plays in the lives of all South Africans. For example, in one episode dedicated to magnificent maize he samples maize dishes in bustling Soweto taxi ranks and quaint Afrikaans kitchens, discovers its cultural meaning over a fireside chat with Zulu men and cooks Xhosa soul food with a food blogger. In another episode the focus turns to fire, with Matt experiencing a traditional braai – the famous South African barbecue. We also see him learn about the South African dependence on cattle, the country’s love of heritage lamb, and the relative new kid on the block, Indian food. Durban has a thriving Indian community and here he samples its most famous dish, bunny chow - curry sandwiches. Travel dusty roads and green hills with Matt and the friends he meets along the way, as he experiences South Africa’s ancient gourmet origins, township tastes, spice-laden street food, rural feasting, urban fine dining fare and even memories of meals with Mandela. Fascinating food, magnificent landscapes and Matt’s engaging manner ensure that this series will appeal to food lovers, travel fans and culture buffs alike.



Programme Information

  • Genre: Lifestyle

  • Subgenre: Cookery

  • Producers: Oxyg3n

  • Broadcaster: UKTV (UK)

  • Duration: 10 x 24'

  • Tags: Matt Tebbutt Cooking Travel

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