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Going Back, Giving Back


Visiting the past to help someone’s future

This heart-warming new series sees people journey into their past in order to change another person’s future with an act of extraordinary generosity. These benefactors aren’t millionaires, instead, they are ordinary people who have themselves battled hardships in their lives and now want to reward those who helped them in their hour of need, or support people suffering similar setbacks today. The popular presenter Aled Jones acts as our host, introducing us to a benefactor in each episode and asking them about their story. Stepping down memory lane, Aled reunites each benefactor with locations and people from their past, discussing how their lives could have turned out differently. Archive footage connects each story to the wider social history of the time and helps our contributors retell their personal tales. Our benefactor then meets potential beneficiaries to see if they could help their lives in any way. At a meeting with their own family they share their discoveries and talk about their donation and then the benefactor makes their life-changing gift in an emotional final scene. Benefactors include Sheila Fox, whose blind mother meant for a difficult childhood. She funds a guide dog to help 13-year old Jayne Massey. And there’s WW2 veteran Len Buckley, who suffered posttraumatic stress disorder. He chooses to help 25-year-old Toby, an army veteran and amputee, train for the Paralympics. Emotionally charged and full of bitter-sweet and joyous moments, Going Back, Giving Back is a feel-good series destined for success in daytime or early evening slots.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Relationships

  • Producers: ITN PRODUCTIONS

  • Broadcaster: BBC 1

  • Duration: 15 x 60'

  • Tags: feel-good Aled Jones

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