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Helicopter ER

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Come along for the ride and witness high-stakes medicine, intense jeopardy, real-life heroes and stunning scenery.

Strap in and fire up the twin-jet engines for the most adrenaline-packed medical rescue missions you’ve ever seen on TV. With full access, life or death drama, high-speed action and amazing characters, Helicopter ER takes viewers into the cockpits of choppers that are often the last hope for people critically ill or seriously injured in some of the UK’s most extreme landscapes. The flying doctors and paramedics of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance race to the rescue at 150 miles an hour – thanks to pilots who used to fly Special Forces, such as the SAS,  to their missions. These all-action heroes are highly trained rescue professionals…and every moment of their lives is captured, using airborne fixed-rig and body cameras that take you to the front line of trauma medicine. In the rugged Dales of North Yorkshire we’re alongside medics who are forced to turn a farmyard into an operating theatre to save a teenage worker who’s fractured his skull after falling through a roof. While on a major motorway we join paramedics inside a wrecked car that’s plunged 30ft off a flyover. It could burst into flames any second – but the driver’s trapped. And when a herd of cattle go rogue and try to kill a farmer, we follow the team trying to save his life. From air crashes to freak accidents, this is real life drama set in one of Europe’s most beautiful – but deadly – landscapes, shot by a team trained to go wherever their subjects take them. 

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