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Do You Know Me? - FORMAT


Do you think you know your partner better than anyone else?

This is the show that gives couples the chance to show the world how well they know each other, have some fun and earn money in the process!

Our host takes to the streets to play a simple game with a passing couple - one of them must prove they know their partner better than random strangers. It could be choosing the tie they think he will like the best, identifying her favourite perfume or knowing your partner’s kiss on the cheek whilst blindfolded.

Could it be that intuition and gut feelings may lead to a stranger winning the round? Every round is worth 100 Euros and after three rounds the couple has the opportunity to continue playing or keep the money and leave the game. The results are often surprising and entertaining. If you prove you know your other half better than anyone else, the ultimate prize could be a romantic holiday.

Do you know me? We will see!

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