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Best Couple Ever! - FORMAT


Have they found the recipe for prefect love? And is their relationship as perfect as they think?

Introducing a stripped weekly show that takes us into the homes of couples who claim they have found the secret recipe for a perfect relationship. Maybe they share a passion for cheerleading, yoga or even bonsai!

In this competition, as in many relationships, the women in each couple are in charge. They will be the ones judging and deciding who the winning couple is by voting in four different categories: first impressions; the couple’s story; their secret to happiness; and their bond.

Every weeknight we will see one of four couples take turns to open up their home to the other three. The women will visit all the homes and discover each couple’s lifestyle, their common interests as well as their favourite romantic activities. This will allow the women in each relationship get to know their competitors and to the delight of the audience, we will start seeing the cracks…

After scrutiny and questioning and even some relationship tests, the women will score each other’s relationships. At the end of the week the couple with the best score will be declared the week’s Best Couple Ever! and win a well-deserved cash prize!

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