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Should We Get Married? - FORMAT


Have you really found 'the one'?

Every second marriage ends in divorce - but why? In Should We Get Married, we seek out the warning signs before it’s too late. 

Two experts - psychologists and relationship therapists, help young couples in love to learn if they’ve really found ‘the one’, and they do so by giving them a taste of their future. The couples are put through three tests, each designed to discover how they would work together to overcome simple life issues. These could include taking care of an unwell child, planning and buying a new kitchen, shopping for gifts or meeting ex-boyfriends. After reviewing the results, the experts conclude whether the couple are a good match and whether they should go ahead and get married. 

Would you dare to let experts judge whether you and your partner really are meant to be? 

Season 1 aired on NRK 1 in November 2013 with an average share of 30%.

Season 2 aired on NRK 1 in November 2014

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